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Handmade Wildflower Lavender Sage Smudging Bundle

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

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Handmade Lavender, Sage & Wildflower

Smudging Bundle

 ~ Handmade with Love, Positive Energy & Abundance ~ Great for Cleansing & Purifying Your Home/Work Space

Filled with native natural fragrant flowers such as roses, larkspur, white sage and lavender herbs. Smudging is a powerful cleansing ritual used by many native traditions around the world. The burning of certain herbs such as sage, lavender, flowers or cedar has been used for centuries for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification or as a blessing for a person in need. Sage is a potent antiseptic, antioxidant, an excellent natural disinfectant. As even the happiest homes accumulate in time negative vibrations, it is good to smudge your home thoroughly at least several times a year. You can also smudge your office space; as well as use smudging to clear your own energy or the energy of other people.

Size: Approx. 4.5”/ bundle